How It Works

Mobile phones transcend all demographics and are more readily within reach when needed than email, snail mail or land lines. The Remind-On-Time platform works with all of the major carriers, reaching 98 percent of the mobile phone owners in the U.S. In addition, messages can be sent in Spanish as well as in English.

Easy to use web based application

Remind On Time is a web-based service, so there is absolutely no hardware or software to purchase. The appointment scheduler simply enters the patient's cell phone number, selects the date and time of the next appointment from a dropdown menu and chooses how far in advance the patient would prefer to be reminded (e.g. two hours, four hours or one day ahead). Click send and the reminder is entered into the Remind-On-Time database and scheduled for the requested time(s). You can generate your own customized message or use a standard reminder template already embedded in the system. In addition, Remind-On-Time can be interfaced with your appointment scheduling software for seamless administration.

100% Privacy

In compliance with HIPAA regulations, Remind-On-Time operates in a certifi ed secure server environment and will never collect private patient information or share wireless numbers.

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