Benefits and ROI


The effeciencies created by using mobile reminders can save money, but more importantly, the real return on your investment can be found by improving show rates.  Some things to consider:

Instant Returns

The cost of a missed appointment ranges from $60 to more than $120 per visit depending on clinic demographics. Each no-show eliminated with a Remind On Time reminder goes straight to the bottom line.

Patient no shows can be as high as 30 percent depending on specialty, location and demographics. Regardless of the percentage, the result is bad for patients who miss important treatments and for the clinics that experience lower productivity and lost revenues.

Remind On Time provides your patients with the convenience of an appointment reminder on the one device they have with them wherever they are: their mobile phones. They don't have to answer your call or listen to a voice message. They read your reminder immediately, and if they need to reschedule, your number is right there... in their hand.

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